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Introducing Mona, a captivating embodiment of classical beauty and elegance from our Golden Art Deco collection. Mona's portrait pays homage to the iconic art deco style, showcasing her timeless allure and grace.Mona's exquisite features and captivating gaze capture the essence of classic beauty. Her portrait exudes an air of mystery and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the renowned portraits of Tamara de Lempicka. Adorned with a stylish turban, Mona's ensemble reflects the art deco era's fascination with luxurious headpieces and elegant accessories.The backdrop behind Mona is a visual masterpiece, featuring a flowing gradient of stunning gold hues. This unique design creates a mesmerizing effect, reminiscent of a radiant golden rainbow. The harmonious blend of colors adds depth and dimension to the artwork, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.The name Mona holds a rich history and meaning. Derived from multiple cultures, it symbolizes beauty, nobility, and strength. Mona's portrait beautifully captures the essence of her name, showcasing her timeless elegance and magnetic presence.Mona's portrait is a stunning addition to any space, infusing it with an aura of sophistication and art deco charm. Whether displayed in a living room, study, or gallery wall, this limited edition print will command attention and serve as a captivating focal point. Let Mona's allure transport you to the glamorous world of the art deco era, where beauty and elegance reign supreme.

There will only be 50 copies of this artwork sold worldwide across all sizes on offer and each is issued with certificate of authenticity and the edition number. Your purchase supports an independent artist and an independent print service provider theprintspace 

Mona in a Gold Turban

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