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Introducing Hazel, a captivating portrait from our Golden Art Deco collection that exudes an air of elegance and artistry. Hazel mesmerizes with her unique sense of style and graceful presence, drawing inspiration from the iconic fashion trends of the art deco era.Hazel's exquisite headgear is a true masterpiece, featuring intricate pleated florals and an assembly of hair and fabric that forms a stunning ensemble. Every detail, from the delicate folds to the golden accents, showcases the impeccable craftsmanship of this art deco-inspired creation. Her golden flowing scarf, adorned with matching flowers, adds a touch of fluidity and movement to the composition.The backdrop of the artwork features a mesmerizing blend of dynamic geometric shapes, seamlessly merging with the flowing scarf. The interplay of intricate geometry and golden hues creates a visually captivating effect, evoking the spirit of the art deco movement.The name Hazel is derived from the Old English word "hæsel," which refers to the hazel tree. It symbolizes wisdom, creativity, and inspiration. In this artwork, Hazel embodies these qualities, inviting viewers to embrace their own artistic expression and inner beauty.Bring the allure of the art deco era into your space with Hazel's portrait. Hang this limited edition print in your home or office, and let Hazel's stylish presence become a focal point of admiration. Allow her dynamic and glamorous energy to inspire you and elevate the ambiance of your surroundings.

There will only be 50 copies of this artwork sold worldwide across all sizes on offer and each is issued with certificate of authenticity and the edition number. Your purchase supports an independent artist and an independent print service provider theprintspace 

Hazel in Golden Scarf

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