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Introducing Adele: A captivating addition to our Golden Art Deco collection. This exquisite portrait features Adele, a radiant beauty with flowing golden locks that cascade down her shoulders. She embodies the spirit of the art deco era, adorned in a stunning strapless gold dress that accentuates her elegance. Behind her, intricate swirly vines in shimmering gold create a mesmerizing backdrop, adding depth and allure to the composition.The name Adele is derived from the Germanic word meaning "noble" or "nobility." It perfectly encapsulates the regal aura and timeless beauty portrayed in this art piece. As you gaze upon Adele's portrait, the delicate interplay of light and shadow reveals the intricate details, capturing the essence of the art deco movement with a touch of glamour.Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or office, this exquisite print is a testament to refined taste and a celebration of the art deco aesthetic. With its distinctive style and captivating allure, Adele invites you to experience the glamour of a bygone era in the comfort of your own home.



Adele and Floral Blooms

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