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Introducing Mia, a captivating vision with her sleek platinum blonde hair elegantly tied back. A bold and enchanting flower graces her hairstyle, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity. With a subtle turn of her head, Mia locks eyes with the viewer, drawing us into her world of grace and allure. Against a backdrop of deep black, golden stars and delicate swirls dance, creating an atmosphere of magic and intrigue. Surrounding Mia are exquisite flower blooms, their vibrant hues adding pops of color and life to the composition. Mia's portrait is a captivating blend of elegance and mystique, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of the moment. The name Mia, derived from various origins, symbolizes sweetness, charm, and grace, perfectly embodying the captivating essence of this artwork. Let Mia's beguiling presence and the mesmerizing interplay of elements transport you to a realm where beauty knows no bounds.

There will only be 50 copies of this artwork sold worldwide across all sizes on offer and each is issued with certificate of authenticity and the edition number. Your purchase supports an independent artist and an independent print service provider theprintspace 


Mia and Flowers

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