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Amelia, a vision of ethereal beauty, graces this captivating watercolor portrait. Her flowing platinum blonde wavy hair cascades down her shoulders, adding a touch of enchantment to her appearance. Adorned in an elegant white gown with elaborate gold details, she exudes grace and sophistication. Surrounding her, coral and pink-hued flowers create a delicate and romantic atmosphere, their petals gently caressed by the subtle breeze. Against a contrasting black backdrop, golden vines and swirls intertwine, forming a mesmerizing pattern that mirrors the intricate beauty of nature. Stars scattered throughout the backdrop add a touch of celestial magic. Amelia, derived from the Latin origins meaning 'work' or 'industrious,' embodies a sense of dedication and elegance. Let Amelia's presence bring a touch of ethereal beauty and grace to your space.


There will only be 50 copies of this artwork sold worldwide across all sizes on offer and each is issued with certificate of authenticity and the edition number. Your purchase supports an independent artist and an independent print service provider theprintspace 

Amelia in Gold

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