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Let's celebrate Tamara!

The name Tamara has its roots in Hebrew, and it means "date palm." The name is often associated with the exotic and is popular in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Those named Tamara are often seen as confident, ambitious, and passionate individuals who aren't afraid to take risks and pursue their goals.

In many cultures, the celebration of name days is just as important as celebrating birthdays. Name days are often associated with religious or historical figures and are typically celebrated on the saint's feast day. In the case of Tamara, her name day is celebrated on June 18th in Eastern Europe, or on December 25th in the Orthodox Church.

To celebrate the beauty and elegance of the name Tamara, we have created a stunning limited edition art print entitled "Tamara in Gold Dress" as part of our Golden Art Deco collection. This print captures the essence of the name with its bold, confident lines and warm, golden hues. The art deco style is a nod to the era when the name was most popular, giving the print a timeless, vintage feel.

Printed using the giclée technique on beautiful velvety paper, this limited-edition art print is a true collector's item, with only 50 prints available worldwide. The Tamara in Gold Dress art print is a perfect addition to any home décor, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any room.

Celebrate the beauty and elegance of the name Tamara with our Tamara in Gold Dress limited edition art print. Head to our website to check out the rest of our Golden Art Deco collection and add a touch of vintage glamour to your home.

Check out our Golden Art deco collection and remember, when they are gone, they are gone!

Certificate of authenticity with each print

Chic art prints' limited edition giclée art print in the style of art deco. celebration of the name Tamara. Unique home décor wall art, only 50 available worldwide
Tamara in Gold Dress limited edition art print

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